Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chapter 2

2.0 Company Summary

2.1 Company Description

Exogrill is a partnership business in the line of food service that sells exotic food or street food as its principal products; and drinks as its secondary products. It is a small business situated beside NSR Price mart in Muñoz, Quezon City. The business is managed and participated by Jerry Jake G. Reyes as General Manager, Janine Adornado as HR Manager, Sarah Jane Mata as Financial Manager, Gemmalyn Mascardo as Operations Manager, Ma. Rosario Valera as Marketing Manager and Mark Jason Sanchez as Production Manager.

2.1 Company Ownership/Legal form

Exogrill is a partnership business in which capital is contributed equally by each partner. Each partner has its respective role in running the business. Each of them has agreed to comply with the partnership contract that deals with the capital contributions, division of profit and loss and dissolution procedures for the partners who act as co-owners of Exogrill.

2.2.1 Articles of partnership

2.3 Start-up requirements

2.4 Company / Store location

Exogrill's location is located beside SNR Price Mart in Muñoz, Quezon City. The place is a personal advantage for the part of the owners because it is near to their respective homeplaces. Also, many people are noticiably passing in that particular area. It is also a good source to obtain our needs for our products.

2.4.1 Location

The location of the business is well-situated. We have considered factors that are very important in choosing a good business location:
¤ Firstly, for personal preference, it is more convinient and comfortable to run a business just near to your homeplace, near to your friends and near to your family.
You can easily ask assistance from them when you need help.
¤ customer accessibility is a great factor, so we ensure that the place must have many people on it. The Exogrill's place is just near to a public market in muñoz and also just a few steps from muñoz footbridge where you can always observe the passers-by that keep moving. By considering the above factors, we can tell that the Exogrill has chosen a very good location.

2.4.1 Barangay map

2.4.2 Location map

2.5 SWOT analysis


*New Business
-being a new business is a challenge but also an advantage because many customers try new business to find new, to experience new and to compare.
*Unique Products
-unlike ordinary small food business that only focus on a single food product, the Exogrill concentrates on exotic food which considerably unique and has many variants for the distinct demands of each customer.
-customers always look on to the affordability of a product, before they buy it. Unlike other food offered by food cart businesses, Exogrill will sell its product cheap or affordable in the market.
*Ease of Preparation
-most of our products are grilled and fried that only require short time to prepare. This is one advantage of our product.
*Availability of Existing Customers
-street foods have been perceived by many people as delicious and very affordable food. It is a personal advantage of the Exogrill to acquire many customers.


*Low Start-up Capital
- low start-up capital means capable only for starting a small business with limite products.


*Availability of Many Potential buyers
* Small and Few Competitors
* Capacity for Innovation
- the Exogrill can gradually expand it's current market situation into a bigger business (e.g. Restaurant and Restobar)

*Increasing Basic Business Expenses (e.g. Rent, electricity, water etc.)
-increase in the basic business expenses may greatly affect the outcome of the business.

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