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Chapter 1

1.0 Executive Summary

Exogrill is simply a small business engaged in selling food like street food (but in more general term, we call it exotic food). From the name itself, the business offers primarily exotic food as well as other popular pinoy street food. Exogrill also offers drinks as its secondary products like "juices, palamig, and softdrinks" that are readily available and sold in affordable prices. Exogrill is most likely a food cart business but it is somehow different for it offers different variants of exotic or street food and not solely focusing on one or single food product unlike other food cart businesses.

Street food is very common on filipinos especially for those who live in urban areas. Many people have patronized street food because of its affordability, ease of preparation and because of its unique taste. Up to this present, street food still has consistent customer demand among urban-dwellers. And it's by this we can tell that
availability of many potetial buyers can easily be obtained by Exogrill.

The location of Exogrill is beside SNR Price Mart in muñoz, Quezon City. Aside from being near to the homeplaces of the business owners, it is also near to a public market and foot bridge where there are many passers-by passing every minute and every second. The passers-by are the Exogrill's principal target customers who are spontaneously become potential buyers of products within a given place. The place is also chosen to obtain the necessary ingredients and materials needed for the products of Exogrill because of the public market nearby.

The potential customers of Exogrill are adults and students from age twelve and above who are very capable and have good chances of buying exotic or street food. These people belong to an average filipino who only earns income just enough and always consider the affordability of a product.

The marketing strategy of Exogrill is to emphasize the selling of exotic food (knowing that it is already considered part of Filipino culture). The business will be always open for change (innovation) and is very positive to get a good market potential and soon to become a bigger business.

Exogrill is a partnership business that will be equally managed by Jerry Jake Reyes, Janine Adornado, Sarah Jane Mata, Gemmalyn Mascardo, Ma. Rosario Valera and Mark Jason Sanchez. Each of them plays equal participation in running the business.

1.1 Name of the Business

Exogrill business is a small food-selling business associated with selling of exotic food or street food and drinks as well. The name "Exogrill" was derived from the words "exotic" and "grill" because most exotic foods being offered are grilled. The two words were combined to form "Exogrill"

1.2 Vision and Mission/Credo

1.2.1 Core Purpose

to give an outstanding impression of unique exotic food taste with the purpose of meeting their demands for an affordable yet reasonable exotic or street food.

1.2.2 Core Values

¤ Trust and integrity
- we will act with integrity which means always doing thing legally, ethically, and morally.
- we will honor the spirit and intent of our actions and our words.

¤ Employee Engagement
- we will contribute to a safe, secure and supportive work environment.
-we will pursue challenging and rewarding work opportunities that nature personal and professional initiative and growth.
- we will genuinely listen, seek understanding and encourage open dialogue
-we will recognize and celebrate individual and team success.

¤Customer Focus
-we will listen to our customers.
-we will focus on customer relationships that build, trust, confidence and loyalty.

-we will treat others with dignity, valuing and benefiting from personal differences.
-we will value other's time, skills, views and contributions.
-we will be accountable for the impact of our actions and behavior on fellow employees, customer, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.

1.2.3 Mission

To meet the interest of Exogrill's valued customers on its products particularly the exotic food by serving them the best and well-served food products for the benefit of maintaining the good customer and business relationship empowered by their trust and loyalty for the Exogrill.

1.2.4 Vision

To establish a good food-selling business environment within Quezon City, made known by clean and satisfying food service, through proper customer accomodation and proper provision of goods and services just especially made for them.

1.3 Location

Exogrill's location is located beside SNR Price Mart in Muñoz, Quezon City. The place is a personal advantage for the part of the owners because it is near to their respective homeplaces. Also, many people are noticiably passing in that particular area. It is also a good source to obtain our needs for our products.

1.4 The Product/Service

The product that the Exogrill will going to offer are exotic foods or street foods such as:
balut, grilled chicken liver, adobong isaw, papaitan, bopis, tenga ng baboy, dugo ng manok, boiled quail eggs, adidas or chicken foot, and one day old chick.

Exogrill will also offer drinks as secondary products such as: palamig, softdrinks and bottled drinks.

1.4.1 Competitive edge

We believe that the Exogrill's product will be feasible. Exogrill has its competitive advantage in the market. The products have always been observed to gain adequate number of customers that exist eversince they were introduced in the market. These products such as street foods are known to be affordable and delicious. These are the foods that the Exogrill will bring onto the market, giving their most and delightful tastes appropriated for the demand of the majority customers with the same price at their improved taste.

1.5 The customers

Almost all ages are very good target market for exotic food or street food. Whether they are children, teen-agers or adults, they are the Exogrill's potential buyers. In more specific, people in age twelve (or even less) and older are the target customers of Exogrill.

1.6 Management

1.7 Financial highlights

1.8 Corporate Social Responsibility

Exogrill, even just a small business, will always give a great consideration its present and future impact given by its continous operation in the economy, social and environment.

1.8.1 Economic

Exogrill is devoted to being a decent business entity in the economy. By means of economic help, Exogrill will serve the community of Quezon City by giving job opportunities for the residents and encouraging other people to create a business even the small ones that mainly aim to improve their lives. We also advertise the exotic or street food as the people's alterative or one of the food choices for their appetite and pocket, since the street foods become a natural part of our culture.

1.8.2 Social

The Exogrill is not just a business estabished for profit; it is also committed to helping people even by just a little contribution. We will give a satisfying effort on giving people the best in food experience they deserve. We will introduce a clean and affordable street food or exotic food they used to find to satisfy the feeling for an exciting food taste like the exotic foods. We shall value the importance of good customer relationship more than the importance of money. It's more than enough to see them happy and satisfied with our service. Getting their trust and loyalty will be our abundant reward.


The environmental responsibility of Exogrill is also being valued. Exogrill will never be an additional burden to the present problem of our environment. The material wastes from food that the exogrill has produced, will be reused for other purpose like fertilizer for plants. The materials used like bottles, tin cans from drinks, will be recycled to produce useful creations like for artworks and improvised utensils. By these the Exogrill promotes the use of recycling for the conservation of the environment.

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