Saturday, September 25, 2010

1.9 Keys to success

We believe that the Exogrill will gain its market potentials by considering the following:

a. Product/Service
Exogrill will only sell the popular and commonly ordered street foods or exotic foods to ascertain their selling potentials. These are exotic foods enhanced in taste and assured clean. Of course, to make the package complete, we will also sell affordable drinks compatible with street foods and feel more the experience of eating these food.

b. Price
Affordability is a great factor so we take consideration to sell the products and services in the most affordable price as for a business starter.

c. Promotion
In able for the Exogrill to become known, it will undertake the following promotional activities:
1.) Advertisement - considering that Exogrill is just a new and has a limited capital, it cannot afford the ads that require huge amount of money, but some alternative like "free online ads on websites" will do. Entering the social networking sites with our ads will also help promote the business.
2.) Free Taste - It's the best way to introduce our products in public , to offer free taste and to encourage them to try Exogrill products particularly the exotic or street food.
3.) Building Good relationship with customers - it is our devotion to serve our customers deligently and efficiently, their good feedbacks will serve as an inspiration to continue our sincere service. By this we can create a good relationship with our customers and get their loyalty and trust to stick on us and patronize our products. Their compliments and good comments will encourage other people to try buying on our business.

d. Place - the location of the business is well-situated. We have considered factors that are very important in choosing a good business location:
¤ Firstly, for personal preference, it is more convinient and comfortable to run a business just near to your homeplace, near to your friends and near to your family.
You can easily ask assistance from them when you need help.
¤ customer accessibility is a great factor, so we ensure that the place must have many people on it. The Exogrill's place is just near to a public market in muñoz and also just a few steps from muñoz footbridge where you can always observe the passers-by that keep moving.
¤ Lastly, availability of the material resources for our products (especially we are engaged in a food business) must also considered. The location is near to the possible sources of the Exogrill's primary products - the exotic food : in muñoz market, just beside the business location and balintawak market, just a short ride from the said place.

e. People / Management Team
As for the start of business operation, the partners will manage the Exogrill as the co-owners and co-workers too. The partners will also be the employees of the business and would just ask assistance from family, relatives or friends. The partners assume that on the first three months of operations, there will only be few customers that need few staffs. After three months of operations, the Exobar will hire appropriate numbers of staffs for proper accomodation of customers and better provision of services. The management team will be led by the partners themselves.

F. Profitability
The exotic food or the street food which shows good market potentials will earn good profits. These foods are affordable which people do consider when buying a product or service. Ease of preparation and satisfying taste are also factors that will help. These three characteristics that we can see in almost all exotic or street foods will surely give assurance that the profitability for these products is really visible.

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