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Executive Summary

Exobar offers exotic foods as "polutan" and variety of beverages and provides musical performances for customer entertainment.

Exobar's primary customers are adults who are in age eighteen (18) and older. Customers who are fond of drinking, watching live band performances and customers who are looking for excitement, new tastes and fun will sure get an interest to try Exobar. As for the wants of customers, we introduce exotic food as a strange yet good tasting "polutan" inside a bar while enjoying the music and drinks. Exotic food is the Exobar's main attraction for its potential customers.

Along the vicinity of Quezon City, number of bars has grown especially in the area of Timog Avenue, Quezon Avenue and Eastwood. This means that people in Quezon City have a great demand to go to Bars and have fun. The location of Exobar is in Quezon City at E. Esguera, Mother Ignacia Avenue to be exact. Exobar assumed to get a good market potential because it is in the center of Timog Avenue, West Avenue, North Avenue, Quezon Avenue and other nea residential areas in Quezon City.

The marketing strategy of Exobar is to emphasize the selling of exotic foods and to introduce a different variation of Bar among other Bars located in Quezon City. The Exobar will also be focusing on the potential improvements of the business when referred to musical entertainment.

The Exobar is a partnership company that will be managed by Jerry Jake Reyes as General Manager, Janine Adornado as HR Manager, Gemmalyn Mascardo as Operations Manager, Ma. Valera Rosario as Marketing Manager and Sarah Jane Mata as Financial Manager. Altogether, the management of Exobar will be in good hands and will have a good business potential.

1. Name of the Business

Exobar Company is a Bar business associated with selling of exotic food as the company's primary attraction. The name "Exobar" was derived from the words "Exotic" and "Bar". The two words were combined to form "EXOBAR".

2. Vision and Mission


To establish a well-known Bar business in Quezon City by providing top class services and musical entertainment on the Exobar's supportive customers through proper accomodation and proper provision of goods and services such as the exotic food, diffirent variants of drinks and live band performances just made for customer enjoyment and their satisfaction.

3. The Location

Exobar's location is at E. Esguera, Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City.

4. The Product / Service

The products that the Exobar will going to offer are:

1.) Exotic foods - special dishes offered in Bar like adobo/fried/roasted rat and frog, fried beetles, adobong kambing, fried crickets, papaitan, balut, sauted (ginisa) huge worms.

2.) Drinks - Exobar will offer juices like freshly juiced fruits, shakes and read to serve juice drinks in cans and bottles; and alcoholic beverages like wine, liquor, brandy, vodka, and some other variants of beverages that are usually available in almost all bars.

The Exobar is also in service concern. It offers services like
daily musical band performances for customer entertainment.

The Exotic foods are the company's main attraction. It will make a different and unique set up of Bar compared to other competitors.

5. The Customers

The Exobar Company targets to have all the customers in the legal age (adults) for all the products and services it offers. The Exobar is only exclusive for age eighteen (18) and older in order to avoid conflicts about age restrictions.

The range of potential customers would come from the area of Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City.

6. The Management Team

The Exobar Company is a partnership organization that will be managed by :

Jerry Jake Reyes as General Manager - he takes the overall responsibility for the business. He monitors the business stability and its potentials.

Janine Adornado as HR Manager - she is assigned to choose the Exobar's future employees. She has the power to hire and fire or promote the company's employees.

Sarah Jane Mata as Financial Manager - she is responsible for providing financial advice to the company. She manages the financial stability of the company.

Gemmalyn Mascardo as Operations Manager - she is responsible for planning and helping the company's operations. She helps in decision-making about business transactions and monitors the flow of business operations.

Maria Rosario Valera as Marketing Manager - she takes responsibility the promotional activities that the company will use for its growth and development. She is also the guide for the company's future plans.

8. Corporate Social Responsibility


The Exobar is devoted to being a decent business in the economy. By means of economic help, Exobar will serve the comunity of Quezon City to give job opportunities for the residents. The business will also help promote the Quezon City to acquire tourist visitors by serving exotic foods that may eventually attract them and by providing musical entertainment for enjoyment and customers satisfaction.


The Exobar is not just a business stablished for profit, it is also committed to helping people even by just a little contribution. The Exobar will serve as the home for excitement and enjoyment and have no intention to promote vices like alcohol. The Exobar is only a place to forget problems eventhough in just an hour or a day to have fun and relax. The Exobar serves to give customer satisfaction through music and providing services appropriated for their wants.


The environmental responsibility of Exobar is also being valued. The Exobar will never be an additional burden to the environment. The material wastes from food that the Exobar has produced, will be reused for other purpose like fertilizer for plants. The materials used like bottles, tincans from drinks, will be recycled to produce useful creations like for artworks and improvised utensils. By these the Exobar promotes the use of recycling for the conservation of the environment.

9. Keys to Success

We belive that the Exobar will gain its market potentials by considering the following:

a. Product / service - Exobar will only sell the popular and commonly ordered drinks in most Bars. The Exobar will serve unique "polutan", the exotic foods, that surely will attract customers to try as for curiosity and adventure. As for the musical entertainment, though the performers are not that much popular, the customers can guarantee entertaining performances and only the best music will be played.

b. Price - affordability is a great factor so we take consideration to sell the products and services in the most affordable price as for a business starter.

c. Promotion - in able for the Exobar to become known, it will undertake the following promotional activities:

1.) Advertisement - the Exobar company will release ads in newspapers and online ads in websites for better promotion.

2.) Free Offers - on first month of operation, customers will not be charged of entrance fee plus and table charge which means only ordered food and drinks wil be charged to customers.

d. Place - the location of the business is near in most residential areas in Quezon City. This means that the Exobar has a good chance to have enough collective customers with little risk. The exact location is in E. Esguera, Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City. This is an area in Quezon City with no competitors yet or if there are, very far or not so much popular to the place.

e. People / Management Team - as for the start of business operation, the partners will manage the Exobar as the co-owners and Co-workers too. The partners will also be the employees of the company and would just ask assistance from family, relatives or friends. The partners assume that on the first three months of operations, there will only be few customers that only need few staffs. After three months of operations, the Exobar will hir appropriate numbers of staffs for proper accomodation of customers and better provision of services. The management team will be led by the partners themselves.

f. Profitability - the exotic food which is the Exobar's main attraction will earn good profit because other bars in the location of the business do not offer food as excitingly different as exotic foods.

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