Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Company Location

Quezon City is our good choice for the Exobar's location. The place is merely chosen for practical reasons. It's our personal preference because it is just the same with the location of our homeplace. It is near to our family, friends and relatives so that we can easily ask for assistance anytime when needed. Aside from these, Quezon City is known to be a progressive city in Metro Manila and has many business establisments have successfully run up to this time. We believe that the Exobar can manage to get appropriate number of customers within this place.

The address of Exobar is at E. Esguera, Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City. This is an area in Quezon City where there are no specific businesses in the same line of business of Exobar. The place is not polluted and environmentally attractive so it fits with the Exobar's choice in creating a good business environment. There are many potential customers because the are many residents here who were adult enough and most of them have good earning jobs. We have no risk of finding staffs because we only need few to start the business.

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