Saturday, August 7, 2010

As part of daily living, daily work are people's way to spend their whole day. Specially for workers who are so eager to work in order to get money as means for their necessity and for the people they dedicate their effort to work. They are well-determined to work that sometimes they don't notice they are almost abusing themselves while possessing many problems as well. These may lead to stress. Stress is an emotionally discruptive or unsetting of our mind that occurs as a result of adverse external influences.

The stress that usually occur among employees is called occupational stress. The kind of stress that is associated with the workplace.

Stress is a common phenomenon since then and many studies have been conducted in order to determine how stress affects man's life. There are also published studies that show the various concepts that are closely related to the word stress. One of these concepts is the relationship between stress and job performance. As what the study want to know, if there is a linkage between occupational stress and job performance of employees.

In Quezon City, former capital city of the philippines, where large number of people are employed, employees are predicted to possess occupational stress. This kind of stress might have something to do with their job performance. The researcher of the study aims to know the impact of occupational stress on the job performance of employees in Quezon City.

Since the study is not considered as a post-graduate thesis, the researcher merely choose the appropriate location to conduct the study. Quezon City is more likely to be chosen for ease and time-saving selection of respondents. It would be easy for the researcher to select the respondents for the study since the researcher is a bonafide resident of Quezon City.

By this study, other potential researches might also be conducted which may acheive further development on public knowledge and other purpose about the impact of occupational stress on the job performance of employees.

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