Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Background and Significance

Rexobar - a combination of Exotic Food Restaurant and Bar. It is basically a business associated with the products and services it offers particularly the food and drinks. This is the ideal business we would like to develop. It is generally a commercial business that offers products such as food and drinks and services like the ambiance and musical performances.
We have come up of thinking this business idea because it is a rare business wherein a restaurant bar offers exotic foods. Exotic foods are excitingly different or unusual foods offered in few restaurants. These foods can't be found in just any other restaurants. Crickets, rats, cockroaches, frogs, snakes, wild pigs, wild ducks and lizards are just some example of exotic foods.
Although the Rexobar also offers regular food and drinks and live musical band performances, the exotic food is the main attraction of the business specially for tourists or foreign customers. Because of it more potential customers are more likely to try the Rexobar because of its somewhat unique offers.
In a Restobar or Restaurant Bar, most customers find their way to spend their leisure time for relaxation is through drinking and viewing musical bands performing on stage while others would prefer to look for a new and exciting way of relaxation and this one would attract them, to try the exotic foods. So while enjoying a live performance or to match with their drinks, eating exotic foods as well would add some more pleasure and enjoyment inside the restobar.
In overall, the Rexobar is a Restaurant Bar that serves exotic foods and gives a greater and different way of fun and enjoyment to its customers.

General Objectives

Since the food industry and entertainment are good target to have plenty of customers, the business proposal is in the line of offering musical entertainment and selling food and drinks that emphasizes the selling of exotic food. The main purpose is to introduce the exotic food in public and intentionally, to attract potential foreign customers with the attraction and ambiance of the Rexobar. In general, the Rexobar intends to be a different and good choice of both local and foreign customers for foods, drinks, and musical entertainment.

Specific Objectives

¤ To establish a feasible business in food and musical entertainment.

¤ To introduce an exciting way to enjoy the experience inside a restobar by means of exotic foods.

¤ To have a loyal and valuable customers in both local and foreign citizens.


The Restaurant for Exotic Foods plus bar (Rexobar) might provide a good business opportunity to introduce exotic foods and serve as tourist attraction as well for local and foreign customers in restaurant and bar business.

Aim of the Study

This is just a business proposal aiming to introduce a different variation of Restaurant Bar (Restobar) - the Rexobar. The business is primarily a restaurant that offers foods but concentrates on exotic foods and also manages a bar. This is a rare kind of a restaurant selling exotic foods but also engaged in running a bar. The business proposal assumes that it will be a good business plan to pursue in a long run since the business idea is known to be a good business for commodity and entertainment.

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