Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The play showed the different faces of
Ninoy- as a husband, father,
reporter, icon, and eventually
Ninoy as the hero.
As a father, the struggle of Ninoy
to choose to leave Boston and his
family behind to go back to the
Philippines was compared to
Noli, the migrant worker who
was forced to leave the
Philippines so that he can
provide for his wife Ivy and their
son Osborne.
During his exile in Boston, Ninoy
was also portrayed as a migrant
who is homesick for his country,
just like Nanding, a war veteran
who lives in the United States.
As a reporter, Ninoy was
portrayed as always searching
for the truth which was
highlighted by his choice to join
Philippine soldiers in Korea with
the United Nations Allied Forces.
This was compared to a
professor, Miss Nuñez, who
discovers that another professor
sexually harassed Ingrid, her
student and vowed to give
justice to her. Ninoy as a media
person was compared to Oscar, a reporter who exposed a
politician who is also a jueteng
lord. Both Miss Nuñez and Oscar
were challenged by their
superiors to stand up for their
Ninoy’s selfless attitude was
portrayed through Dr. Ungria, a
doctor who helps patients pro
bono. The brave Ninoy was
compared to Ingrid, the student
who despite being a victim of
sexual harassment managed to
graduate at the top of her class.
Ninoy as an icon was compared
to Yosef, a young actor who
despite his fame is still searching for other things that he can achieve.
As a hero, Ninoy was shown as
championing the cause of the
masses especially when he
decided to join the fight against
the fascism and dictatorship of
the Marcos regime. This was
compared to the struggles of
Quentin, an activist calling for
genuine agrarian reform and
Andeng, a labor union leader.

The play’s message is simple,
that anyone and everyone who
struggles for the truth, against
tyranny and injustice even in
their own little way is a hero. We do not need the blood of Ninoy t run in our veins to be able to fight for our rights. What we need is the resolve to do more for our country, and that is to join in the struggle of the majority for peace and justice.

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