Monday, March 15, 2010


Another wonderful play i had watched was the musical play,'Ako si Ninoy' which was primarily a tribute to the heroism of the late ninoy aquino. The play had made me amaze ,laugh, and clap because of the professional actors with great acting talents and a sense of humor. It had been a very good play presentation that was interesting and a must see stage play. The play was educational for it had delivered a clear message about the life of the hero ninoy aquino from being an ordinary person with patriotism, unselfish belief and principle for his country until he became a great hero by fighting for what he know is very right. The whole message of the story was to let everyone know that each of filipinos can be a 'Ninoy' or a hero in their own way. It might be by profession or by social and political involvement through social and political participation concerned with the wellness of the country and filipinos. The near ending of the stage play had been presented by the death of a leader of rally of a group of farmers fighting for a genuine agrarian reform. The assassination death of ninoy aquino was also presented to show the relevance of his death to the death of the rally leader which was both were example of heroism. After that incedent, the farmers finally achieved what they are fighting for. By this scenario the quotation of Ninoy Aquino had proved that filipinos are worth dying for.

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