Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Case study


This Case Study was made possible by the guidance, supervision, cooperation and participation of the following:

* To the Almighty God who always look up and secure the safety of the preparers in doing this project.

* To our parents who always guide and give words of wisdom to inspire us in doing our best in preparing the Case Study as well as giving their both financial and emotional support.

* To our beloved intelligent Adviser and Human Resources Management Professor, Ma'am Elvie Estrada, who has greatly shared her knowledge to us with patience and deligence in helping us meet the necessary works for the completion of our Case Study.

* To the Tele Eye Company that allow us to conduct the case study on their company and give us the necessary information needed.

* To the Preparers themselves who have given lot of efforts and consumed so much time to make the completion of the Case study be possible and successful within the given time.

Together, we sincerely acknowledge and give thanks the person/s mentioned above who have brought the success of doing this Case Study. We are very grateful for this wonderful accomplishment.


A Case Study on the "Credibility and Reliability of the Time-in and Time-out of Staff on Logbook Records in the Tele Eye Company During the Absence of the Top Management When Doing Projects Outside the Company"

III.1 Background of the case study

Tele Eye Company is a company engaged in selling digital surveillance equipment like CCTV Camera. The company is known for its quality products and good services. The business acheives its current success through continous innovation to improve their products as well as their service.

Though the company is physically successful, still it faces some problems that they consider an obstacle. One of the problems of the Tele Eye Company is the cheating on the time-in and time-out of their staff on logbook which also a cause on the cheating on the reimbursement of transportation expenses of their employees. The company has always doubted the credibility and the reliability of the records of time-in and time-out of staff on the logbook. This happens because the projects that the company has, are always done on the clients site and not with the location of Tele Eye Company. Aside from it, according to the company, there is no person permanent in-charged to check the logbook, so its the staff themselves have the will to put honestly their time-in and time-out on the logbook or sometimes the company in-charge one of its staffs to handle and check it. Because of this, the top management could not always monitor if there is cheating happening during their absence. Hence the company cannot find solution to this problem.

This probem may affect the total performance of the company. If there is cheating, we can say that the company's payment for salaries and benefits for employees is not worth it but a loss instead. In return, the staff should always be honest and deserving for the job they perform.

From our interview with the Tele Eye Company representative, he said that the company lacks the Human Resources (HR) Department which most companies should have. The Human Resources Department is important in many aspects of the company like for recruitment, training and development and performance management of employees and employee relations. It might be the weakness of the company why it faced problems like time cheating on logbook records. More possible problems may arise when this problem will remain unsolved.

III.2 Scope and Delimitation

The study is merely focusing in one subject matter which is how to solve the problem regarding the "credibility and reliability of the time-in and time-out of staff on logbook records in the Tele Eye Company during the absence of the Top management when doing projects outside the company.

The study is conducted from the 3rd week of August to the 1st week of October which only aims to find alternative solutions that the Tele Eye Company should do to solve the problem.

III.3 Key Characters and / or Department Involved

* Tele Eye Company
* Top management (supervisor, director, president)
* staff

Chapter V

We have analyzed and observed the problem by conducting an interview to the Tele Eye Company. The research method used is descriptive-analytical method. We described and determined the problem by collecting data/information through direct interview and analyzed it to come up with the interpretation of the problem and its possible solutions.

The main focus of the case study is on how to maintain a fair, credible and reliable logbook records of staff even wihout the presence of top management to check it. This problem exists in the company of Tele Eye when the top management are doing projects with their clients outside the company while the staff are left behind to let them do their jobs.

Since the company has no authorized permanent person to handle the recording of the time-in and time-out of staff on the logbook, then the doubt for the fair and honest records on the logbook is not impossible to take place. Another thing is the company's lack of HR Department (that if existing, it would have been responsible to all the problems relating to employees). As a result of this, the problem being studied was brought about. It needs to be resolved in time by no other than the company itself.

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