Saturday, February 20, 2010

BASURERO - commentaries

The documentary "basurero" discusses the major economic and social issues arising among filipinos in lowerclass. And also poverty, as what has been shown in the documentary, is the root of other economic and social issues such as hunger, lack of education, diseases, pollution, malnutrition, drug addiction, child labor and other economic and social issues relating to poverty. The tambakeros or scavengers and the batchoy collectors are just some faces of poverty. They are just some of the people who can truly describe what is poverty. While watching these people, I feel great pity towards them for the tragic situation they suffer because of poverty. So lucky I was for not experiencing their experiences and live life like the way they do. They are finding their own way to survive from the hardships of circumstances by searching food and money from garbage and wastes. These actions are almost not humanly doings yet they can't find other way but these. The very difficult fact to accept is that even the innocent children whose capabilities are weak are forced to work just to sustain their hunger. At their very young age, they are the most victimized by poverty.
Instead of enjoying their rights to be educated and play with other children, here they are, working forcely, expose to pollution, prone to different diseases, and become addict of drugs. Despite all of these I still admire them for being strong and so hopeful even in hopeless situations.
Poverty always exists and always been a problem since we dont execute solutions to solve it or just to lessen the number of people who suffer from it. Since then it's a problem of yesterday, today, and tomorrow and we cannot escape the fact that even the next of our next generation would still experience the same way like today's people experience. But in order to help the less fortunate people escape from poverty, the government must take the lead in providing solutions. But in the case of our situation, the government is also part of the problem. Instead of being the vital agent to lead the steps in terminating poverty in our country, the government just enjoy the wealth of the economy without the will to help the poor filipinos. If we are just united and willing to help our fellow filipinos, with the grace of God, we can survive from poverty. Let us be part of the solution rather than be part of the problem.
The documentary is just a tool to remind us, open up our minds and awaken our social conciousness to the problems our country is facing right now. The purpose of this documentary is to show the problems and encourage people to care and be aware on the social and economic problems. I sallute the i witness team for delivering us an inspirational documentary that made us realize the social and economic problems which need social and economic solutions.

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